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Tail lifts make it much easier to safely load and unload trucks and are synonymous with cost efficiency, flexibility and a high level of operating comfort for users. You may have heard the term ‘tail lift’ but not be completely aware of what they actually are. Essentially, this is a mechanical device permanently fitted to the back of a van or truck, which is used for the purpose to facilitate the materials, handling of goods from ground level to the level of the load bed of the vehicle or the other way round.

 Plenty of tail lifts are hydraulic or pneumatic in operation, however, they can also be mechanical, and are controlled by an operator using an electric relay switch. The usage of a tail lift can obviate the need to use machinery such as a forklift truck in order to load heavy items onto a vehicle or can be utilised to bridge the difference in height between a loading dock and the vehicle load bed.

With loads of vehicles being used every single day for all kinds of businesses, the opportunity for making your transport business run more smoothly is as real as ever and can be a reality for you with the use of tail lifts. Rycon Logistics is here to assist you when needed. Call us for a quote today

Fully Enclosed Vehicles with Tautliners & Box Bodies

Truck transport involves some risks for your merchandise. Between the winding roads and the unpredictable weather, shipments can be put to the test.

 When you transport your goods using an enclosed trailer, you drastically reduce these risks since your goods are protected, sealed and secured. You don’t have to worry about rain, snow or wind, even if the shipment is long distance. You can be sure that your goods will be preserved, whatever they may be. The same goes for the type of road, whether it is highways, mountains or rough terrain, you can rest assured that your precious cargo will arrive intact and safely.

We provide reliable, fast and safe transportation of consumer goods. We do live tracking of loads ensure that our client’s planning stays on track. Our trucks can legally carry up to 8 tons of product weight. Our professional handling of all documentation for Tautliner loads and clean and hygienic trucks are essential to the service that we offer to our clients. We pride ourselves on our professional well-trained drivers. Our onboard tracking systems further ensure safety and control.

Enclosed trailer trucks have a distinct advantage over other types of trailers such as side curtain or platform trucks: your goods are in a sealed area out of sight. When you choose an enclosed trailer truck, your cargo is kept under surveillance for the entire duration of the transit, which considerably reduces the risk of theft. No matter how large or small the enclosed trailer you use, one thing is undeniable: enclosed trailer trucks can carry more freight of all types, whether it is clothing, fabrics, plastic, raw materials

Vehicles from 1Ton to 8Tons – 2m to 9.5m

Rycon Logistics supply trucks that can load from 1T to 8T’s.

Our 4-ton trucks have the capacities to move furniture, equipment or various other items. When choosing a 4-ton truck, you need to make sure that the volume of what you are moving will fit onto the vehicle.4-ton truck can have many advantages such as offering reliable transportation at an efficient rate. These trucks can enhance the productivity of your business and the goods that you are transporting.

Our 8 Ton Trucks – This sized truck is very popular as it is able to move various sized items. This sized vehicle is commonly used for house moves, fast-moving consumer goods, construction and the list goes on.

Our Vehicle Lengths

  • 1.3 Tons – 2m Bakkies 
  • 4 Tons Bodies are from 5m to 6.5m Long
  • 8Tons Bodies are from 6.5m to 9.5m long

Mining Work

Logistics challenges in the mining industry are unique and complex, and the way in which mining companies deal with these challenges could help cut costs or erode their profits. With an end-to-end service offering to the mining industry, Rycon Logistics is helping clients to drive costs down, while boosting critical service levels.

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Mining companies are increasingly recognising the value of outsourcing their supply chain and logistics functions. Smaller to medium mines are quickly following this growing trend, and the same trend is starting to show in bigger mining groups. To reap the benefits of outsourced logistics, mining companies must partner with the right service provider such as Rycon Logistics.

Rycon Logistics offers a service to the mining industry that includes outbound and inbound logistics, as well as the ability to use additional external capacity. Logistics services for your mining projects, including the transportation of metallic, non-metallic and energy minerals such as silver, copper, lead, zinc, aluminium and coal, and machinery such as drills, tools and spare parts.

Furniture & Appliance Transport

Rycon Logistics specializes in carton packed retail/wholesale furniture & appliance logistics. We combine expedited transportation services and nationwide logistics expertise with industry-leading technologies that take furniture supply chain management to the next level.

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We deliver directly to your facility or even require in-home white-glove service. Rycon’s systems will improve efficiencies and transit times while reducing costs and damages across your entire supply chain. We can even reduce or eliminate the need for expensive inventory and e-commerce-related storage space for you or your retailers.

The ideal materials handling is no handle at all. After all, every time you touch an item, it costs money. What’s more, in the home appliance space—think washers, dryers, refrigerators and the like—the more you touch an item, the greater the likelihood of damage to products that consumers expect in pristine condition. At Rycon, we always aim to ensure that your goods are delivered on time and in tip-top condition.

steel transport

With most steel loads weighing between 2000kg to 4500kg, speciality equipment, training, and safety are required. At Rycon, our fleet of late-model, professionally maintained trucks is ready to secure and move even the most challenging loads. Our drivers are highly-experienced and trained for specialized steel transport work and they are up-to-date on all applicable regulations.

Raw Materials/Consumables Transport

On-time delivery, attention to service, and proper handling aren’t just important standards for retail and grocery transportation. They are also imperative for the delivery and transportation of ingredients, raw materials, and production-critical components.

 Rycon Logistics works directly with suppliers to handle nationwide delivery into manufacturing and co-packer facilities. Late delivery of spices, flour, protein, or oil can mean the shutdown or delay of production. Delivery hiccups can completely derail supply chain timelines and have a domino effect on operations.

Electrical Transport

Rycon Logistics is a privately owned company that offers electrical logistical services throughout South Africa. We team with electrical contractors during the initial phases of an assignment of planning, distribution, warehousing and transportation services.

With the growing complexity of today’s electrical business environment, Rycon has ventured into logistic operations to provide our clients, with a one-stop-shop to save them time and money on every project. You can always expect a fast, efficient and professional service when choosing Rycon Logistics. Call us today for a quote on your electrical transportation needs.

Medical & Chemical Supply Transport

Rycon Logistics is offering transportation on medical supplies as long as it is a recurring business with our client. If you interested in using Rycon’s services, please give us a call for a quote today.

Rycon Insurance | Goods in Transit (GIT)

This form of cover comprises transit and related liabilities and includes goods in transit and haulier’s liability. There are numerous risks associated with goods being moved or transported, for both the owner as well as the carrier of the goods. Rycon Logistics is covered for R400 000 and can be increased depending on the client. 

Small Load Movers

Our small load movers removal teams are quick, friendly and always ready to assist with your small loads. We specialize in moving single items, be it a fridge or couches, household furniture, office furniture or deliveries.








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